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A week before our own TEDxObserver event, the annual TED festival in California unleashed another collection of ideas, from how to transform medicine to why we should learn to be alone


Samsung this morning officially denied a report that said its upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone would launch in April, but the company said it would reveal eventually announce the launch date on Twitter.


Rick Santorum"s infamous "Google problem," which began eight years ago after the-then Pennsylvania senator angered equal rights activists by equating gay marriage to the legal union between a man and a dog, may be subsiding.


Gigabyte has introduced several new notebooks, including two 14-inch ultrabooks and a 15.6-inch gaming notebook.

The ultrabooks include two variants, the U2442N with standard-voltage Core i5 or i7 processors, and the U2442V with ultra-low voltage Core i5 and i7 chips for improved battery life.......



Last year we reported on a new way of gathering power from wastewater, one that combined power generating from salinity gradients between salt and freshwater.

But what happens if you"re somewhere inland, where there isn"t any saltwater to be had? The same group of researchers have now published a way of getting around that hurdle, too.


Google gives us email, calendars and all kinds of other stuff for free, and we"re not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth.

But sometimes that horse swallows our stuff. Google Calendar, in particular, is notorious for making events disappear. It doesn"t offer much help for getting events back, either. If you deleted an event on purpose, you have a few seconds to click "Undo," and then it"s basically gone forever. If it disappears due to a g


As smartphones and tablets end up in the hands of more people, the volume of apps continues to rise exponentially.

We noted that January had the highest download rate of the top 200 iOS apps from the Apple App Store than any month previous. February will likely break that record and it will be broken again in March. We are truly at the inflection point of explosive growth for smartphones and apps where it is no longer the early adopters looking d


Like the rest of the iOS device-toting, lots-of-stuff-reading geekosphere, I rushed to download the Readability app pretty much as soon as it dropped yesterday.

The service has long existed as a Web browser add-on, but its presence on the iPad and iPhone had been delayed after a public dispute with Apple over subscription revenue sharing. The startup initially threatened to go Web-only and skip the iTunes App Store, but evidently had a change of


The Google High Speed internet project in Kansas City got a mention from the companys Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt!
See the video from his keynote!


Intel"s own claims that its Ivy Bridge platform had been moved back to June might have been unintentionally conservative.

New leaks on Saturday to Digitimes had the 22-nanometer processors shipping in late April, setting them back only by a few weeks. As expected, the initial supply would be higher-end Core i5 and i7 processors.......